Total product integration is what sets TechBank Medical apart from others in the market.  We continue to advance our innovative medical device development based on the leading clinical trends and the most advanced technological requirements of the global medical community. TechBank Medical stands at the forefront of medical technology innovation, enhanced by our unique model that leverages the rapid technological and product development experience that China offers while safeguarding and vigorously defending our partners global intellectual property rights. Our Vision includes the construction of an industrialized platform integrating R&D and local manufacturing with the global market—a symbiotic, win-win ecosystem including medical institutions, technologies experts, suppliers, distributors and patients—while continuing to provide safer, more efficient products to aid in pain reduction, restoring health and improving quality of life.

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Cardiovascular Ablation

A Class II passive and sterile medical device for improved safety and effectiveness during cardiac intervention surgeries.

TechBank Medical has engaged the leading cardiovascular hospital in China to guide the product development effort, resulting in the development of strong, independent intellectual property rights, with world-wide protection.

Prototype development is complete, with clinical trials projected to reach completion by 2019. TechBank Medical will launch this product at the end of 2019 and will immediately start improving health care outcomes for those patients enduring cardiovascular ablation procedures.


A Class II active medical device using innovative,non-invasive oral care technologies for pain-free treatment of periodontal disease and increased oral health.

TechBank Medical established a joint venture with a U.S. start-up company and will lead the market introduction and sales expansion of the product throughout China.

Prototype development is complete. Clinical trials demonstrating superior clinical outcomes of the Oraflow device are projected to reach completion early in 2019, with a market launch at the end of 2019.

TechBank Medical’s R&D center is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai. Our multi-disciplinary engineering team has significant experience in medical technology development and provides us with the comprehensive ability to integrate the electrical, mechanical, and software engineering challenges within a singular product vision.
TechBank Medical can efficiently transfer concepts to market with our 50,000 sq.ft. R&D and manufacturing center that is equipped with microbiological laboratories, a physical chemistry laboratory, and multiple Class 10,000 clean rooms. Our facility, equipment, and quality management system meet the demanding requirements needed for medical product development, testing, and small batch production for all Classes of medical devices.
TechBank Medical’s GMP manufacturing facility is located right next to our R&D center, and strictly follows international quality management systems.  We adhere to the principal of modern production with high standards and quality. Our manufacturing facility covers an area of 32,000 square feet, including 8,600 square feet of Class 10,000 clean rooms, capable of manufacturing Class II and III active, passive, and sterile medical devices.

R&D Center and Manufacturing Facility


13/F, 1518 Minsheng Road, Jin Ying Plaza, Tower B, Shanghai 200135, P.R. China +86 (21) 2028 3600
55 Rongyang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201613, P.R. China +86 (21) 2028 3600
R&D center and Manufacturing facility
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